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Science-Based Solution for Metabolic Syndrome and Sustainable Weight Loss

How Delight works

Delight empowers members with metabolic syndrome and overweight to improve their health and achieve lifelong body transformation. Combining positive psychology, neuroscience, glucose monitoring, technology & community.

This is done through science-based methods and personalized Mind-Body integration.

Science of
nutrition science
Real-time support
and community


Person-Centric Holistic System


A Sizeable Challenge

1 out of 3

1 out of 3Metabolic Syndrome

1 out of 3 Adults suffer from Metabolic Syndrome (MBS) causing serious chronic diseases: obesity, depression, diabetes type 2, cancer, alzheimer, premature death and more

85% failure

85% failure

85% of existing weight-loss programs fail, with dieters gaining even more weight after.

$1B18 impact

$1B18 impact

Is MBS Economic impact annually in the US alone.

Technology advantages

Our AI-driven platform constructs comprehensive user profiles to deeply analyze physiological and psychological data points. By understanding motivations, predicting vulnerabilities, and providing personalized, real-time guidance via a virtual assistant, we support users through transformative change. Key points are our use of AI, customized profiles, continuously monitoring diverse data streams, identifying user insights, and leveraging this to offer individualized support through an automated assistant.

Delight success factors

  • Holistic solution combining psychology, neuroscience and technology, with AI-based analysis of glucose level (CGM=Continuous Glucose Monitoring) and heart rate
  • Personally tailored solution to fit preferences and lifestyle
  • On-going capture and analysis of personal data
  • 24/7 proactive guidance through virtual assistance
  • Boost motivation and commitment through the Science of Happiness
  • Promote habit and lifestyle changes that enable long-lasting sustainable change


Delight Co-Founders

Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD

Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD

Science of Happiness Worldwide Expert

  • Taught two of the largest classes in Harvard University's history & Happiness Studies at Columbia University.
  • Sought-after public speaker & best-selling author. His books have been translated in 30 languages.
  • Tal's methodologies and teaching have impacted the lives of millions of people around the world.
  • Advisor of numerous Fortune 500 companies.
Smadar Landau, CEO

Smadar Landau, CEO

Serial Entrepreneur Specializing in AI

  • Driven by game-changing initiatives, leading ventures to success from idea to product development and full operation.
  • Serial entrepreneur - Exit with 3 startups and pioneered the first AI platform (ChatGPT-like) for the e-commerce world.

Active advisors

Prof. Yair Amichai-Hamburger
Prof. Yair Amichai-Hamburger

Reichman University, Research Center for Internet Psychology Leads entire realm of personality tests for technology personalization development.

Prof. Chezi Barenholz
Prof. Chezi Barenholz

Highly accomplished entrepreneur and internationally recognized expert in drug development.

Shlomit Penn
Shlomit Penn

Executive Director, board member & adviser in medium to large public companies, global business development with over 25 years of experience.

Shlomo Amir
Shlomo Amir

A seasoned global leader in SaaS and B2B sectors, startup and multinational management, rapid business growth, fundraising, IPOs.

Key Research

Are happier people healthier?

Are happier people healthier?

This study explores the link between happiness, self-efficacy, preventive health behaviors, and BMI.

Read more
How mindset impacts health?

How mindset impacts health?

Read the article from the Psychological Science department at Harvard.

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Mind over Milkshakes

Mind over Milkshakes

Read this study showing how mindset affects physiological responses to food, beyond just nutritional content.

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Hadassah Medical Center Happiness Studies Academy New Jersey Innovation Institute IBM ALEF Team
Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar


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